Project Engineering

1. Basic Design & Engineering.

For many years SIECO Technical Group has been working closely with various industries to meet their design and engineering requirements. Our highly skilled team of professionals, in-house design, development & engineering capabilities have enabled our customers to conceive and implement world class plants in terms of quality & technology.

All the project work is supervised by experienced SIECO Technical personnels & confirm to highest quality standards. We provide round the clock support to our customers with the help of various offices across the Globe. 

Right from concept designing to project completion, SIECO is committed to deliver efficient, cost effective, world class quality plants to following industrial segments :- 

» Chemical Processing Plant
» Pesticides plant
» Fertilizers plant
» Air Pollution Control
» Pharmaceutical Processing Plant
» Bio-chemical and fermentation processing plant
» Wastewater Treatment unit
» Fine chemicals, solvents, alcohol…plants 
»”Reverse Process” Environmental protection equipment

2. Detailed Engineering for


3. Procurement, Inspection & Expediting

4. Construction management services and supervision

5. Commissioning